It’s your bike. Treat it right.

Whether you are riding for fun, health, or sport, ProGold has products that keep your bicycle in top condition.

Maintaining your bike's chain and gear system doesn't just make it last longer — it gives you a safer, smoother ride. Reduce your bike's friction with ProGold lubricants.

Dirt, mud, sunlight — all these things can wear down your bike’s parts, and make it look nasty, too. Make your bike look brand-new again with ProGold cleaners.

Maintaining your bike doesn't have to be hard. ProGold has plenty of tools to help you do the job right, including grease syringes, lube pens, and chain gauges.


What People Say About ProGold

“ProGold has been a friend of the cyclocross community for years, even helping out those with the muddiest of bikes.”

Andrew Reimann
Cyclocross Magazine

“How do you know a lube is working? You forget that it’s there. Unless you have extra time or money to spend on lube, do yourself a favor, get PRO Gold and forget about it.”

Derrick St. John
Silber Pro Cycling